Retro Clipart Largest collection of retro Clip art advertising and Clipart from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Here are some of the wonderful letters we've received from our visitors and customers in chronological order, and totally unedited.
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Letters prior to December 2002:

From: "Arti Promotions" <>
Subject: Re: Retro Ad Art - International

hi tony,
received retro art collection this morning (wed) great service
i e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago regarding your logo on the t-shirt which we have now done we are in the process of getting things up and running
when we do i will send you a shirt.
thanks again ray

From: Ken Hassen <>
Subject: Re: Retro Ad Art

Just received your package. Excellent, excellent, excellent!
Do you have any other artwork available? I am a t-shirt designer, and could use any other art.
Please let me know.

Best Regards,

From: "Todd" <>
Subject: RE: Retro Ad Art

got your you guys have a second version.
let me know i need more images.


Subject: Looking for samples of swing-related retro clip art.


Your clip art is fabulous!

I'm in the market for clips related to swing dancing and swing music. I'm looking for images to use on collateral for a non-profit swing dance society--anything from t-shirts to business cards to brochures to stationery to a web site. Could you send me the full details on your usage policies? I see a couple of samples on the site but I want to know how many more there are on the CD before I order. If you could send me some low-rez samples, that would be even better.


Kathleen Hanover

From: Tim Caton <>
Subject: i really.

dig the art on your page. do you have cowboy stuff on the cd? if not, where i could get cowboy stuff in the same style. if you could point me in the right direction that would be great!

big tim

From: "jane chandler"

Can we Aussies buy this CD, and have sent here? How long will that take, and what woulc cost be in our money?
Your stuff is great

Subject: [Fwd: Retro Ad Art]
Paul Rodriguez wrote:

Thanks for your quick response. You have a great website. I really enjoyed the instructional sections.


From: Lise <>
Subject: Re: question

Lise wrote:

I've been using photoshop for a few years now, and I'm not incredibly experienced, I'm a novice user. I tried to find some graphics on the web so I could attempt to colorize them and acheive the same *iincredible* results you did.

The graphics were small 100 by 100 and everything I tried look incredibly pathetic. I'm not sure if having the high res graphics will make a difference - or if I'm just hideous at this.

179.00 is alot of money to spend - and I'm willing to spend it, if I know I can make some good images. Do you have any sample - doesn't matter what it is - high res image I can try out - if it looks good to me (after my colorization attempt) - then perhaps I *can* do it.

I'm not looking for free stuff, I'm just trying to see if your product will work for me. It can even be half an image so that you *know* I'm not trying to grab your image without paying.



- - - - - - - -

This was fun - I felt like I was doing high tech color crayon - I can *definately* see how the larger image makes a *huge* difference!
You'll probably be hearing from me - I'm selling some software on ebay so I could buy some clip art.


Subject: Your "stuff" is GREAT!

Your images are super-cool! I can't even imagine how you folks amassed such an authentic collection! I own a 1950's Diner and have been using your disc for years! Unfortunately, I purchased it before you added your fonts! Is it possible to get/purchase your fonts??? Just wondering...

Craig Martin, Cafe 50's, 11623 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90025

Subject: more retro help???
From: "Lisa's Central Market" <>

Hi Guys, we got your cdrom several months ago and LOVE IT!!!! WE have a produce market with a retro theme and the art is great for making in store signage. Thank you for such a fab collection. We need help finding metal signage of the "generic type" (no brand names), like many of the selections in your cd. "Fresh fish daily" "finest baked goods", stuff like that. The signs don't have to be metal, but we would like to get our hands on things like that for the store. If you could make any recommendations, that would be extremely helpful! My web searches only turn up brand-name signage, but there must be something out there, as I'm sure the art came from somewhere!
Also, if you could email those free fonts (pc), that would be great. If they come with downloading/filing instructions for dummies (who shall remain unnamed), that would be even better.
Again, thank you so much for your time and great style, I'm a
retro-lovin Betty and you guys are the most trick I've seen! -MINTA

Subject: Assistance

Dear Ad Graphics,

First let me say that your Retro Ad Art CD is wonderful. It is really quality work and my client loves it.

The assistance I need is this. A few months ago when I purchased the CD for my client's website design I received the free font pack that you send as well. Since that time my computer literally melted! It was a Dell by the way...and I have recently purchased a
PowerBook G4. My problem is that the font pack was on the Dell and not yet backed up. Since my client wishes to use these fonts on her website, I am in a bind. I was hoping that you could resend me the fonts so that I might install them on the Mac.
I would be more than willing to give you any information that you need to authenticate that I purchased the CD. It should have been sent to this email address and the purchaser would have been Sara Krieger.

Thank you for your assistance.

John Harbour

Subject: fonts
From: "Matthew O'Rourke" <>


My wife Maryrose Porcelli bought me your retro clip art cd about a year ago, it is amazing... it has been helpful in promoting our own studio Bowhaus Design Groupe, which has a very nostalgic look. i was shopping around for more retro stuff(icons, fonts. etc.) and came across your site once again... i see you're offering free fonts now, with a purchase of the cd... is there any way i can get my hands on any of those, (stardust is paticularly nice), as i did purchase a cd way back in the day?
if this is possible, what do you need us to send your way in terms of proof of purchase?

Matthew O'Rourke
Art Director
/. Axiom Studio, Inc.
eBranding for the eConomy
441 North 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Subject: Fonts?
From: "Kristie Schwan" <>

Hello! The retro cd is great! Our graphic artist is still waiting for the free fonts. She has called 3 times to your order line. I thought I would give you a try since you were always so quick and helpful. If you could please email the fonts to her asap that would be great. Her address is

Thank you!
Kristie Schwan
FM RedHawks

- - - - - - - -

Thanks Tony! She got the fonts but they are in a MAC format. Could you
please send them to her in IBM? Thanks for always being so helpful. You
have great customer service skills! Have a wonderful day!

Thanks again,
Kristie Schwan

her email address is

Subject: Re: Retro Ad Art

Thanks, we got them awhile ago, and are loving them. I didn't have a chance
to write back yet. Hope your move went well. We did not get the fonts that
were advertised with it. Can you let me know about this.

Thanks again!

Subject: Retro Ad Art
From: <>

You have a great website and it looks like your clipart collection is fabulous. I am looking for just 5 or 6 retro images and cannot afford to buy all 1,865.
Do you sell individual categories or a smaller collection for a lesser amount?


From: "FireHouse Services" <>
Subject: RetroAdArt CD

In reference to your product: I was wondering if the collection has a helping of either or both of the following 1)firemen, firetruck, fire station, etc type ads, and clipart and 2)dental related ads and clip art.
Your collection looks terrific, by far the most unique stuff I've seen available but the price is a bit steep for a beginner like me. Before I purchase it for a job I have I needed to make sure its content encompasses items 1 and/or 2. If you do not have any or much of the fire related items I was wondering if you might know of a place that I might locate some art in
the same era and subject that is available elsewhere. HavanaStreet is not gonna cut the cake, its all clip art and I LOVE your ads! Thanks.


Subject: Free Fonts
From: Andy Brown <>

Hi I bought your clip art collection a couple of years ago & have found it very useful. I see you now offer free fonts to buyers of the C.D. As it is such a long time ago, I can't remember if I gave you registration details, but the disc was shipped to me at :
Andy Brown
68 Oglander Rd
SE15 4EN
Can you pls check your records to verify that I bought the disk, & if so, can I have the free fonts? If necessary I can scan the Cd cover & send it to you as an attachment....
The invoice/receipt will be with my accountant.
Hope you can help....
if so, you can send the fonts as e-mail attachments (Mac format)

Andy Brown
Createk Ltd

From: Alysa Cohen <>
Subject: Re: Airstream RV images?

Hi Tony —

Thanks for all your help on this wild goose chase. Unfortunately didn't have what we were looking for either, but I appreciate the lead. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find Airstreams...So glad I found your site, for your images are great and will definitely keep it in mind for upcoming projects.
Chat with you later.


From: Violet Blue <>
To: <>

I just purchased your CD, and wanted to let you know that I'd like those free fonts, too! Thank you, and thanks for providing retro art. And a nice web site, too!

Best wishes,

From: "Tim Cotita" <>
To: <>

I love the site and graphics.

Best regards,

Tim Cotita
Monroe, Louisiana USA

From: Tammy Gilbertson <>
Organization: itWorks Design

I love your site! It's perfect timing for a current project I've got. My question is do you offer the ability to purchase individual images, or just the entire collection at this time?
Also, I want to ask about the Retro fonts you offer with the purchase of the CD. Are the fonts on the CD or do I have to add that in my order?

Thank you!
Tammy Gilbertson

From: Sean Stoll <>


I am interested in your purchasing your cd. I love the look of the graphics. I need some graphics for a very specific project - mechanical images: workers (probably more general than auto mechanics, though that could work too), tools (large wrench, hammer?). Something along the lines of the support the war, pro-industrial posters from the 40's. Rosie the riveter, etc.

If you can supply any low res. or thumbnail images along these lines from the cd, I can probably go ahead and buy it. I'd just like to be sure that there is something there that I can use.

Sean Stoll


Dear AdGraphics,

Well, I finally did it. After looking around, and around and waiting and stalling, I finally bought the best art CD I have come across - - YOURS!
I made my CD purchase and would like to take advantage of the offer for the
free retro fonts.

Thank you,
Rebecca Goodman

From: Perry Bos <>
To: <>

I just received the Retro Ad Art cd-rom. Wow that's fast. It looks good!
Now I like to know if I could receive your retro fonts as stated on your website. If possible, can you send the fonts as pc and mac version? I would like to use the disk on both platforms (win/mac) here in the studio.Thank you very much.

Perry Bos

Matt Sword wrote:


I purchased your package about two months ago, and I love it! I'm writing because I had to load a new OS on the computer, and I didn't back up my fonts like I thought I had. Is it possible to email me the package again?

Personal info
Matthew Sword
1986 fleetwood dr.
columbus ohio 43229

Subject: Re: Wallpaper/Backgrounds

To: Adgraphics <>

Dear Tony-

Thank you soooo much! For "thrown up" backgrounds (I made that sound horrid!) they are wonderful and really add to the whole theme/concept of the Retro Ad Art website and compliment your product so well. My designers and I are so excited to be able to use your wallpaper!!!

We would be proud to show you the site when it's done since it incorporates so much of your "stuff." Please let me know to which specific e-mail address we can send a notification/link to my site when it's done!

I really do think your site looks fabulous--please pass the compliment to the appropriate people. It gives me a good, happy feeling when I go there. That's how I want my customers to feel when they visit my site. I believe that that feeling is generated from the subtle colors, shapes, and lots of "white space" in a site, that don't detract from the product. Your site has great examples of all of these things, plus I love your product. Your product and the way you have showcased it in the site are definitely in harmony with one another, and that's what makes it very appealing. The "technical"aspects of your site work well too. It's easy to move around in.

If you can e-mail the compressed file, could you e-mail it to me at:, and directly to one of my designers, Julie Horner at: If e-mailing doesn't work, just let me know what I need to do to get it from you safe and sound. I can't say Thanks enough! This means so much to me, and I appreciate your kindness.

Martha Merry, Owner
Vintage Blend Designs
P.O. Box 271527
Flower Mound, TX 75027

Subject: Hi from Australia
From: Tim Long <>
To: <>

Hi. My name is Tim, a graphic artist in Melbourne, Australia. Love your site!! Is the clip art CD available in Australia. If not what are the charges to have it sent 'downunder'. Look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Long - Director

Subject: Your web page

From: "Jim & Diana Giacomo" <>
To: <>


Great site! Great work!

I worked as a graphic artist/designer for over 35 years and am now back in my hometown of 3,000 souls selling advertising and creating ads for a small newspaper. I miss seeing good work in this environment.

Best of luck,
Jim Giacomo
Wilburton, Oklahoma USA

From: "Gregg Whiteker" <>
To: <>

Dear Ad Graphics:

I purchased your collection of Retro Ad Art a few years ago and I want to tell you this product outshines anything like it anywhere. I often visit your website to get ideas, look for updates, and frequently just for enjoyment. I am a fan of this particular area of art and pop culture, and I am hoping you can answer a couple of questions for me.

I noticed that currently, purchasers of your CD-ROM receive a collection of free retro fonts in addition. This offer wasn't available when I purchased, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if I might also receive this bonus as a past customer.

Also, I saw a list of recommended retro fonts on the portion of your site entitled "Editing Images" (Avant Garde, Base Nine, Benguait Frisky, Bernhard Modern, etc. ) Are these standard fonts names, and where would I go to find them? I was unsure if this was a list of fonts suggested and collected from various sources, or if these fonts were available in the Retro Ad Art collection.

Any help you can give is much appreciated. In any event, please know you have built a very interesting and impressive concept, product and website.


Gregg Whiteker

Subject: received !

From: Gilles Conte <>
To: Adgraphics <>

and simply fantastic !!!!!!!!!!

Gilles Conte
33, rue du Faubourg Montmartre (escalier D, 1er étage)
Paris 75009

From: "Emmy" <>
To: <>

Hi, I'm a designer in Australia and am interested in the great retro ad art package you've got available.

Is there any way I can go the snail mail way and send you a cheque? I've had problems using credit cards on the net before!

Thanks Emmy

Dog House Design Studio Pty Ltd
61 3 5998 7911

From: Dana Greco <>
To: "''" <>

Good Morning!
My husband and I are opening a 1950's style pizzeria and have come across your page, which is wonderful; would like more information on how to obtain advertising prints to hang in the pizzeria.

Thanks for your help!
Dana C. Greco

From: Dan Stratton <>

Received your clip art collection last Friday -Great! Perfect for the web site I am working on! But I also need the Retro font set (for Mac).
Dan Stratton, Art Director
(402) 895-1090

From: cliff allen <>
To: <>

Hi, I love your site & images but before I order, I need to know if you have some specific art. I am looking for clip art of 50's-70's women wearing "big wigs" or having a big "doo". Didn't see a way to do a specific search for this. I need to know ASAP! Please email me at or at this address. Better yet, if someone could call me at 763.792.4155 on Friday morning...
I would REALLY appreciate it! THANKS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1308 123rd Way N.E.
Blaine, MN 55434

From: "marc keese" <>

Hi. I love your editable (Is that a real word?!) retro ads! However, I am rather new to editing graphics. Would you mind telling me a bit more about how you added color to the "fella" in your explanation of how the ads can be edited? I use Paint Shop Pro 7, which I know is different from Photoshop, but I think they have pretty similar functions. Anyway, I don't quite understand what you mean in your explanation.



From: "Bruce Browning Home Office" <>
To: <>

Hi. Great website and clip art. I was wondering if you have any retro fishing images (either fishermen/fisherwomen, fishing scenes, fish by themselves, etc.). I can't do a search on the site, so I'm unsure.

Thanks a lot!



How about a Western collection among your retro clip art categories?
In my search for some western retro clip art I came across your website. I've actually had to do this search a few times for various retro clip art that had a western slant--so I thought I'd make that suggestion to your company. I have a few that I could donate to the cause. :o)

Thanks in advance for your AWESOME offerings.
Alyson Stringer


Dear sir/Madam
As a recent owner of your excellent CD Retro Ad Art I would like try out your offer of free fonts, please send them in Mac format.
With thanks

D.Vanian. Consolidated Fuzz.

From: Tony Mizukami <>

I recently ordered and received your exellent retro ad art CD-ROM, and am writing to request the free font package you mention on your web site. I don't see a serial number on the CD-ROM-- if you need any further info please let me know.

As to a user comment, I'd also love to see you guys release a (non-ad) 50s general clip art collection in the future. Great job on the CD-ROM! Keep up the good work!

Tony Mizukami--
Tony Mizukami <>

From: nancy <>

I have purchased your CD last year, and I totally forgot to request the free
fonts. Is it still possible to have them now?
Thank you, and thanks for that nice web site!

Best wishes,

Subject: I adore you
From: "Suzanne Macpherson" <>
To: <>

Well when you see my site, you'll know why! I was hunting up some fonts to redo my site with and found your site.
I will buy the disk this month! ( waiting for advance check!) What is your policy on using an image you have on as samples? I'm thinking of the little 'home cooking " chick on the ~more samples~ page. can I pop her on my site and put a link up to you?

See I asked like a nice girl. p.s. my site is a little rough around edges as I have been using MS Publisher etc. and need to get with the program and upgrade.

Suzanne Macpherson
Risky Business ~ Avon 2002 tba


re: Nancy Smith, Marketing
I recently purchased your Retro Ad Art CD-ROM and received it today... and I LOVE it already!!
I noticed on your web site that I'm entitled to your free retro font collection and was hoping that you could email it to me perhaps? ( I'm on a Mac )
Many, many thanks again for a your help and a great collection of art. Keep up the wonderful work!

-- Peter.....

From: "Norm Stewart" <>
To: <>

I love your images.

I am using FrontPage 2000 and Fireworks 3 (and maybe moving into Dreamweaver 3).

I am also not the most sophisticated graphics developer/user in the world. What should I have to do to make your images appropriate for the low-res web manipulation?

If I want to colorize and use some transparency, do I have to use a sophisticated graphics tool to vectorize the images first? Is there an easier way?

Thanks for helping me figure out how I could incorporate your great reto look into my House Concert web pages.

Norm Stewart

From: Nancy Beaudette <>

Hi, I just received my retro ad art cd....and I'm thrilled...thank you for putting together such an extensive package. I am anxious to receive the retro fonts as well...please email them at your earliest convenience.

Nancy Beaudette

From: "Martin Grandahl" <>

I just received my Retro Ad Art CDROM.....the ideas you get from flipping through the book are worth the price's an amazing collection....
The free fonts you are offering really fill the product out.....I'd love to receive any you have available.....Will I be put on a list to receive future updates, or should I shoot you an email each time I notice a new font on the website?Thanks for your time.....
Martin Grandahl

From: "laura williams" <>

To whom it may concern,

I know this is a long shot, but a girl can dream, right? Would you consider discounting or donating a copy of your Retro Ad Art CD to a desperate deco loving bride-to-be.

Here is my story: I'm planning a 1930s art deco themed wedding and am I am trying to design a unique and interesting wedding invitation but can't seem to find any cool deco images to top each invitation item. Then I came across your web site and it is my dream come true- but as with every other good thing, there is a catch. Unfortunately, I can't afford to spend $179 to get these images.

I don't work in graphics, publishing, advertising or any other field that would give me other uses for this after the wedding, so I have resorted to begging. Please help me if you can. If there is anything I can do to persuade you, let me know.

Thanks for your consideration. And you do have the absolute coolest collection of clip art on the web, hands down. Excellent work!

Laura Williams

From: "James & Susan Tourtillotte" <>
To: <>

I just received my CD and am psyched! The web site said to drop you an e-mail and you would get the fonts out.
If you would please.........

Jim Tourtillotte

From: "Hannah Tilsen" <>
To: <>

Hi, I purchased your CD-Online last year and was wondering if I could get the free fonts. I use a PC. Are you going to be coming out with another cd any time soon? I love this one but would like more.

From: "Chuck" <>
To: <>

Nice site! I ADORE the 50s!

E. C. Bassett

From: C&L Shanahan <>

Thankyou for your prompt service. It looks to be a great collection. I would dearly love to get my hands on your fonts now, so to speak I'm using a Mac System. Thanks again

Big Shot Film Services Pty Ltd.

From: "Amy Luby" <>
To: <>

Please forward your Retro fonts in PC format. I just received your Retro Ad Art on CD and I am extremely pleased. Please continue producing great art! You have a lifetime customer!


Amy Luby
Luby & Luby Distributors
829 S. 129th Ave..
Omaha, NE 6854

Subject: Sears advertising retro art
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 07:57:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Randy Gray <>

Ad Graphics:
Great site! I'm old enough to actually remember a lot of this stuff the first time around. I'm an ad copywriter for Sears, and I'm looking for Sears art, specifically Kenmore refrigerators.
Can you help? I'd ask corporate, but I don't want to tip my hand on these new concepts.

Randy Gray

Subject: Looking for 1920's clip art
From: Mickey Montevideo <>

I love your sight! It is a great retro resource. Unfortunately I am needing clip art and more importantly fonts from the 1920's any suggestions? I've tried to follow the links you've provided but I've been unsuccessfull in even finding the fonts you've listed on your site. Any advice you could give would be most appreciated.


Subject: other ways of payment?
From: Lies Goemans <>
To: <>

Hi, we're a graphic design studio from Amsterdam -The Netherlands.
We're interested in your beautyfull cd with retrographics. We would like to order one but not with a credit card. Are there other possibillities of paying you from the Netherlands? Please inform us.

Yours truly, Firma Limca.

Subject: retro
From: "Rich J"

Hello, I was just cruising through your retro art site and enjoying every minute of it! However, I am hardly in the financial state to afford the (reasonable) price. Was wondering if you had any plans to put out a smaller collection perhaps? Also, I am planning on opening a retail website in the next year with a retro theme and wondered if you had wholesale pricing so that I could promote your product.

Thank you for your time,
Sincerely, Rich

Subject: WOW
From: "Lynn"

I saw your site, and I would like to know if possible, what classes I can take in order to learn this retro style. I absolutely love it. Love the site as well!!!

Lynn Strauch

From: Jay Haws

Hello, I noticed that the link for retro photography, is redirected to Do you know if they have gone out of business? Do you know of any other resources? I am in desperate need of retro advertising photos. (By the way, I own your CD collection. Great stuff!)

Thanks, Jay

Subject: please
From: Christine Beattie

Hello I loooovvvvee your retro stuff and would like to purchase the catalogue only i do not have a computer at home and no use for the software. Is it possible ?????

Christine Beattie
Personnel Officer Resources Management
Unit Division of Information Services UNSW 2052

Hello there Retroart!!!!
To: "Adgraphics"

Do you guys look AMAZING!!! I'm the co-publisher of a national magazine called ATOMIC, the essential guide to retro culture. I would love to get one of your CD Roms but I want to make sure you don't have any clauses for usage in editorial publications. We're always happy to provide credit lines, but BOY OH BOY would your artwork look fantastic in our publication. If there's any way we can work out a reduced price for all the exposure, that would be cool too.

Please e-mail me at and let me know if we can work something out. Then we'll be partners kinda. We're a great way to reach those retro cats who love this stuff as much as we do. And we'll keep sending them your way.

Hope it all works out.
Jeff Griffith
Co-publisher ATOMIC Magazine

HI. First of all, I love your site. Great stuff.

I am looking specifically for a clip art image of a lady cleaning or of a clip art that looks like a "housewife". Is there a keyword search that you (or I) can do to find this on your site? And, do you even sell individual images?

Ginger Hyatt


Great site!I am putting together a site and on top of using some of this retro art, I was also, looking for some Western or ranch type theme art? Do you have any in this CD? Also, are your backgrounds part of the CD or is that something I need to purchase extra?|

Thanks, and again, Great Site!

Steve (

From: Lara

Hi There!
i am interested in ordering your CD-rom and catalogue on CLIPART from the 40's and 50's.

Would it be possible for me to order from Italy with a european credit card or can we arrange for a C.O.D or International money order?
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
I really enjoyed your web site!


Todd Huber wrote:

Good afternoon;
I have been searching for an image of a man and women in bathing suits beside a pool for a small interior bus add. The image needs to resemble the 1930's to 1950's. This project has a limited budget and the cost of the CD does not fall into it. Is it possible to view more images and to purchase individually?

Great job on the CD!

Todd Huber
Creative Display

From: "Ted Schroeder"

Hi, I don't want to waste your time, but I was wondering if you could recommend a place on the web where I could get high quality clip art. I purchased your collection a few months ago and love it. And I've followed some of the links on your site, but am swamped by the choices...

Thanks in advance, T

Ted Schroeder

From: "Amy Christoffel"|

I love the font Fleetwing '44 for retro stuff. Great site you have! Wishing you well from sunny California


From: "Corey Isbell & Kristin Jackson"

Howdy! I love the style of art you have. But do you folks have any retro clip art that has to do with swimming pools, beaches, bathing beauties, etc?

Hope you can help!|

From: "Kourtney"
To: "Adgraphics"

Hello! I am sorry for taking so long to reply. Thank you for all your help! I love the images. I set a meeting date with my customer for Friday of next week (it got delayed). If I make a deal with him, I will most definitly buy your cd. If not, I will have to wait a few more weeks till I can get paid again. I really do like the samples you gave me and I look forward to getting the cd when I can. Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it.


From: "robin simenauer"

Hi. I'm not in the market for your CD - sorry - but I wanted to tell you how impressed I am by the quality of your beautiful site. It's a work of art - as are your art samples.

Robin Simenauer

From: Jeannette <>
To: Adgraphics <>

Hi Tony,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I LOVE the CD. It is truly fab and exactly what I have been wanting. The book is also great. Well done!



From: "josh lewis" <>
To: <>

Cool Site, and a great product. I am a fanatic for the ultra cool 50's stuff.

Just wondering though, how did your vectors turn out so accurate ? As an artists I create my own bitmaps, and need to put them on an upcoming web site.

Any hints, tips, or good products you know of, would be helpful.

Josh Lewis

From: macroboy <>
Organization: macroboy

i saw your website and think your retro ad art collection looks fantastic. I know a little about copyright law from some research I've done so I'm wondering how you deterimined these images were okay to use (I'm assuming they were public domain).

Yours is the first collection of this type I've seen and it looks great.
I think I'll have to order it!

From: "Garry Letts" <>
To: <>

I have just found your web site.
On the retro fonts, When I tried to find some of them on Photoshop 4, which I have. I can only find about a third of them.
Are you using Photoshop 5 ??

Many thanks


PS. Fantastic clip art you have got.

From: "Burger, Jennifer" <>
To: "''" <>


I must join the club and say your art and website are very impressive. I am specifically looking for "Jetsons" type clip art - that is, art made from 1950s people's conceptions of what life would be like in the year 2000. You know, robot maids, flying cars, moving sidewalks, etc..

Is there any such art in your collection? I would appreciate any help you
could give me.

Thank you,

Jennifer Burger
Art Director
Bell Furniture Industries

From: "Dale West" <>

I've just stumbled across your website and the amazing 50s style artwork within.

Do you have any product information in print?

From: Al Milligan <>
Subject: Catalog

Dear Sir, Madam,

Do you sell just your print catalog. If so how much is it? Great web site and art work.

Al Milligan
Solitude Productions, Inc.
1571 Cambridge Drive
Longmont, Co 80503

To: <>
Subject: clip art question

Hi! i love your images!! I'm communications director for a health care workers union in Pennsylvania and am looking for some really nice retro union art.  Do you know of any online or would you consider any commissions?  We're looking specifically for images of labor solidarity and anything health care related...will consider some industry related sources as well.  We need the images primarily for our web site but we're also considering commissioning an original poster for our 25th anniversary in July.
Please let me know if you have any ideas or do consider commissioned work.
Emily Mulheran
Communications Director
District 1199P/SEIU

From: killianf <>
Subject: food and exercise

Hello, I am going to be developing a Website very soon, with the domain name, Does your cd contain food art and images like the sun, fruit, and scenes of people exercising? As a child of the fifties, I love this style, it's classy and very cheerful. I want to use images like these in my website and promotional materials. I also know I want to develop a logo from them. I will order if you have a good variety of health and nutrition related images, do you?

Francie Killian

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 18:36:46 -0500
From: "Charles S. Fleishman" <>
Subject: your cd roms

I wanted to know if I purchased your CD roms if I could then use the graphics from your CD's royalty free on the websites I construct. Sometimes clipart is faster and your stuff looks fabulous. Please let me know.

Michelle Fleishman

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 01:50:41 -0800
From: "Brandon Johnson" <>
To: <>
Subject: Permissions?


I think your images are great and I would like to use a few of them as spot illustrations on my personal website. I would credit your company, of course, and provide a link back to your site. My site is for non-commercial purposes. Could you please let me know if this is OK by you?


From: "James L. Johnson" <>
To: Adgraphics <>

Hi Again Tony:

In all the years I've used Macs, I've rarely used their graphics capabilities. What a shame, but that will now change with my new iMac. it's a great machine compared to all the rest I've used through the years.

So, I'm going to work with the Retro Ad artwork & incorporate it into my documents. I've written a travel security book & am going to use the artwork as icons for chapter headings, & of course, for the title page/cover.

The use of this type of graphics material is highly unusual for security consultants. But, I prefer to be different from the crowd. And so do my clients, I guess.

Jim Johnson
James L. Johnson Associates, Inc.
Security Planning Consultants
1363 Brooks Ave W
Saint Paul, MN 55113
Office: 651-631-1213
FAX: 651-639-8867

From: "Shawn Hanna" <>
To: "'Adgraphics'" <>

Tony -

You really have a fantastic product. I hope awareness grows (which would go hand-in-hand with sales). Thanks again for your help.

Shawn Hanna

From: "Darryll Hall" <>
To: <>

Hello....Love your fifties art graphics collection. What I need however, is a collection of graphic illustrations in todays styles. Do you have or could you recommend one.

Thank You.....Darryll Hall

From: Scott Hall <seha@GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU>
Subject: squaresville


I'm a big fan of your Retroad art page. I think you might like the original art at my page

It's got full color original "retro", "deco" and 70s "cubist" style clipart, plus fonts and more. I'd love to get a link on your page, and know if you might want me to contribute some art. I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Hall
Mayor of Squaresville

hello! Great site. Very easy to follow. One thing tho. As an Art Director in an ad agency, I cannot just pick up the company credit card and order any CD I want. I must first "sell" the ideas to my Creative Director. THEN, he may let me purchase the product...if the client likes the comp. SO. What would help us art directors out is...put a LOW RES version of ALL the art on your site. So that we may do SEARCHES to see if you even have art that we can use.

For example. I am looking for a retro woman who has an angry face. I cannot purchase your CD, tho I know that you probably have it, becase I cant be sure.


MaryAnn Beane

From: Lonnie Hale <>
Subject: Images

This stuff looks great. However I am in need of some specific types of imagery. The theme is Muscle Beach. Can I see low resolution samples before I purchase the CD?

Thank You
Lonnie Hale
H2 Creative

From: Keri Abrams <>
Subject: Enlarging RetroArt graphics?

Hi --

I'm curious as to how to enlarge the small thumbnail-esque pics to a full-page size without the bitmap edging (the computer-ness). Can you explain to me how to do this on PhotoShop?

Thanks! Great site!

-- keri

- New Rock 90.3's "Rude Awakening" on WUTK-FM Knoxville, TN

From: "DJ STEW (Funky Fresh Records/XMIX)" <>

Subject: 70-80's

Hey, great site!

I was wondering if you were going to do anything from the 1970's-1980's as far as "retro" art?

Any help would be appreciated!


Organization: MetaCreations Corp.
Subject: More Clip Art

I've got your "Retro Ad Art" collection.... extremely cool; getting a lot of milage out of it here at work. Any plans for additional collections of art from the same period or earlier? How 'bout photography? Anything at all, please let me know.


Craig Clevenger
MetaCreations, Corp.

From: (Angelica Martinez)
To: (Tony Bosley)

Thank you for sending all the images via e-mail. We just received the CD and the catalog too!

Just wanted to thank you for pulling through for us. Your patience and service level are to be admired, especially given the circumstances.

Again, thanks.

Hi gang:

I'm working on a project for some interior wall murals and *LOVE* your stuff! However, I need to put together a small presentation of my concepts to my boss and it would help a great deal if i could get some examples to show.

could you e-mail me back a couple ads and "snappy sayings" ? or perhaps faxing?

It would be appreciated. THANKS!


Craig Snyder
Adobe Systems Incorporated
(206) 470-7404

Sure looks good to us. Have you had any bites? Talk to you soon.......

Bob & Judy <>

Hello. I am the online editor of a new commercial Web site we're launching on June 1st.

We love your Retro Ad Art clipart package and are considering purchasing it. I just want to check on the requirements for using your art throughout our site. Would we need to credit you?

Also, would your company be open to some sort of deal where we provide you with ad space and/or hyperlinks in trade for art?


Person X <>


Thanks for the quick information. I appreciated you checking on it for me. We like your collection, and are recommending it for inclusion in the project we are working on. The main reason I was curious if the clips were yours was because I was wanting to find some clips of individuals rather than complete ad layouts. I couldn't tell from your sample pages whether or not "retro people" would be on the CD ROM, although we could possible extract a number of them from the full layouts. I have looked at the Havana Street material, but liked yours better.

"Michael O'Hasson" <>

Recently purchased Retro Ad Art-Love it! Will we see Retro II? More, please! Great work, wonderful selection!

Ray McDonald Evans

buenos morning: terrific looking site - you guys did a great job putting it together. the ad art is equally great. overall, an excellent job. i'll probably call later & order the cd-rom but wanted to let you know how well i thought you did with the website and how effectively it moved the product.


bill lanigan

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for the CD of retro ad art - as you can tell, it's a hit here at Wacom already. You folks have done a fantastic job of cleaning and restoring some gorgeous artwork. I also visited your web site, and I really enjoyed your eclectic styles and refusal to fit into any particular pigeonhole.

I'm glad you enjoy our tablets - I'll certainly enjoy your retro art.


Richard Harris
Graphic Designer
Wacom Technology Corporation
Vancouver, Washington

Hi...what a great collection of art! Can't wait to get my grubby little hands on the collection...however, I need to know what your usage policies (royalties etc.) are before my company decides to purchase. I couldn't find the info on your site. Thanks and I hope to hear from you REAL SOON!


Gary Coles or

To: Tony Bosley, Creative Director
Ad Graphics

Thanks very much for your reply to my question. As I said before, the Retro Ad Art is TERRIFIC! I am a security consultant & have just written a book for Travel Security For The Business Traveler. Sounds boring, but it's been well received by some of my large clients. In fact, it could sell world-wide.

I found some of your artwork, airplanes, hotels, taxis, etc., to be PERFECT for my chapters. My book is different from every other that's been published, for security. I took an entirely different direction for the text, so that people actually read it, & enjoy it.

Well, I'm rambling. The retro art is ideal for the work I've done, because I've tried to be different. As is your art.

So, I'm getting a copy of Photoshop to try to fit the ads as icons for chapters & sections. Again, I can't tell you how terrific they are, & perfect for me.

I will probably need your help as I make progress.

And I WILL be certain to give credit for any work that is included in the final design. I've never done this before, so it's exciting & I'm sure you'll be pleased with our application of your work.

Jim Johnson
James L. Johnson Associates, Inc.
Security Planning Consultants
1363 Brooks Ave W
Saint Paul, MN 55113

Thanks for the follow up - I did in fact purchase the CD probably the first week after the phones were up and running. Great product.


Jack Parriera
Purchasing Coordinator
Visio Corporation

Phone 206.521.4673
Fax 206.521.4520


What an amazing site!

My name is Valery Anna Mitkos, I own a company called VAM! Marketing Design Communication. I have always been fascinated by the glam and aerodynamic era of the 30's 40's and 50' company logo and image reflects my passion for the swank days of swing, cocktails and leopard print.

I am in the process of developing my website and would like to use some of the sample clip art you have posted on your site. I would be absolutely thrilled if you were to permit me to use your clip art, and in return and I will provide a link from my site to yours with a BIG mention of where the wonderful art came from.

Please let me know if this would be acceptable, also, is there anywhere else I can obtain some cool clip art, especially animated gifs, that are tied into the retro theme?

My new email address is The current address will expire on Jan 17/98.

All the best for a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Yours truly,

Valery Anna Mitkos
President, VAM!

please e-mail your standard copyright and licensing agreements for your fabulous collection!


Joyce Pinson <>
Organization: Ask Us

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I would like to order your retro CD ASAP. I have a client here in the midwest with a highly successful retro/diner/malt shop. We are producing new menus and a local ad campaign. Please contact me at:

John Eric Seid
Seid New Media Advertising
7122 Del Matro
Des Moines, IA 50311

Thank you.

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