We have received several letters from customers inquiring about usage rights on our artwork, so here's the lowdown:

Basically there are three categories;
Advertising, Resale and Logos...

With certain forms of advertising, there are no restrictions. Our images can be reproduced and used, royalty-free, in all of these forms of advertising; newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, mail outs and websites, providing of course that you purchase the Retro Ad Art CDRom first! We don't expect any reference to our product name to be included when our images are used in this manner. For other forms of advertising such as TV commercials, Film and TV opening or closing credits and product clearance issues, a negotiated royalty and/or credit agreement is required.

For more information please contact us at info@adgraphics.com or call 1-800-830-1212.

When transferring our images to other products for the purpose of resale (such as packaging, greeting cards, t-shirts, etc.), we require that our name be mentioned somewhere on the product. It should read like this:

                 © Images courtesy of retroadart.com

For further details as to exactly how this should appear, please contact us at info@retroadart.com.

We also require royalty payments based on either a negotiated percentage of sales or a one-time buyout fee. We will expect you to contact us, at which point we can discuss these royalty agreement options.

In the case of reproduction of company logos for both advertising and resale purposes, it will be necessary to contact that company requesting permission to make use of their logo. This only applies to companies which are still in business.