Retro Clipart Largest collection of retro Clip art advertising and Clipart from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s nostalgia.
1,864 hi-resolution bitmap stock images on CDROM. Great for advertising and memorabilia.

Retro Ad Art is one of the greatest collections of authentic, black & white 1950's style advertising art on the planet!  This CD features over 1,800 images in hi-res bitmap format. As an extra bonus, we are now including an additional CD which contains the entire collection in EPS VECTOR FORMAT, all for the low price of $99!!

This collection represents several years of relentless toil by a small but dedicated group of people here at Ad Graphics, who have gone beyond the call of duty to make this wonderful artwork available to you, the public!

You will also receive this beautiful 7"x 9", 124-page print catalog pictured here. It's a great way to review all the images in the collection even when you're away from the computer, and it even makes for a terrific coffee table book!
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  Unlike other "50s" art collections, which feature mainly separate clipart images, this archive contains over 1300 complete ad layouts; every one of them totally generic (not specific to any particular company), and each containing both text and illustrations.

As well, our collection contains over 300 authentic corporate logos of major companies, and over 250 high-quality clipart images, all dating from the '50s era.
Each authentic image has been painstakingly scanned, cleaned and restored as close as possible to it's original state. This was a monumental task, to say the least, as the great majority of these images were in deplorable condition when we acquired them. Throughout this entire collection we have endeavored to maintain the highest possible standards with our retouching , thus providing you with a professional-quality product you can use in any application.  

The vast majority of our images cannot be found in any other 1950's art collections, nor in any of the massive 'general clipart' collections available on the market.

We don' try to beef up our collection with questionable 'filler', (such as images which are not genuine retro art) in order to make the collection appear larger. Each and every one of our images is an authentic ad cut from the '30s, '40s & '50s.

Q. Why pay $99 for this collection when there is so much free or low-cost clipart available on the net today?

A. Authentic 50's style advertising imagery is in big demand these days, however actual collections of the artwork are rare. Remember, modern-day artists can churn out piles of tacky clipart by the busload, but no one can ever again return to that frame of mind 50 years ago, when all this wonderful retro art was created. It's in limited supply because it simply cannot be recreated nor imitated.

If you do the math on our collection, you'll find that 1,864 images for $99 works out to about a nickel per image, so this is a great deal!

You can be sure that the rare '50s art collection that you've just purchased will remain exclusive, as it should be. You won't find this collection being sold at your local Walmart!.

There's nothing like the convenience of having this entire collection at your fingertips on one CD, as well as the print catalog. You will enjoy countless hours of browsing through this very deep and rich archive.